Transport, Parking and Other Information


Hoburne have arranged transportation which will provide coverage between the two sites from Wednesday-Sunday with a local coach company.

WEDS: 10.45am – 00.15am (leaving NAISH every 30 minutes, except 3-4pm for driver break)
THURS-SUN: Service starts at 7.45am (leaving NAISH every 15 minutes until 10am), then every 30 minutes until 00.15am.

There will be a scheduled hour break for the driver/s at 3-4pm (Weds-Sat) and 2-3pm (Sunday)

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LAST BUS BACK TO NAISH from Hoburne park is 00.15am prompt!

The bus journey will take 15 minutes (approximate, allowing for traffic and loading/unloading)

Hoburne will be providing a more comprehensive timetable in leaflet form which will be made available on arrival (we also have our own version in the Downloads section).


For those wishing to make their own way to Hoburne Park, there are parking spaces at Hobburne Park, however, their car park is relatively small. There is an overflow car park around the back of the building which will be sign-posted. Several of these spaces are going to be reserved for our traders to allow for loading/unloading purposes. Please do not use these unless you are a trader.


This is free in the main building at the Park.

This will cost £5/8/10 for 1/3/4 days at Naish, this covers 3 devices.


You will be able to use the swimming pools at both venues. Park you will just be able to use it, Naish you will need a pass like usual, these will be available from the reception portacabin at Naish.


There are NO shops open at either site. There are both a Sainsbury’s and Tesco within a couple of miles… People have ordered food and have had it delivered direct in the past.

There is a small convenience store (SPAR) only a 5 minute walk from Hoburne Park.


The bars and kitchens are open for the provision of hot food and alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol & hot food purchased off-site should NOT be consumed in the Club Building.

(Within reason, you can eat sandwiches/snacks/soft-drinks, but please do it discretely)

NB: NAISH. There is NO provision for the sale of hot food or drinks.

However, the “Wyrd Sisters” are kindly providing their regular HOT MEALS service (Pathfinder GMs/Players get priority) and may have spaces available for others should you wish to take advantage of this.

For further details contact either Chris Brockley-Blatt or Carol Tierney via Facebook


Feel free to contact me

Important: Arrivals and Departures

Some things, have by the nature of the changes imposed upon us, have changed this year.

To avoid unnecessary confusion, disappointment, frustration and stress, for all concerned PLEASE take the time to read the following…

1. Before ANY keys are handed over, outstanding balances need to be paid, in full, in CASH*.

Not cheques or any kind of credit/debit card. There will be NO cash machines (or other payment facilities) at NAISH during the event. There are cash machines at the local supermarkets, in Highcliffe High Street and at Hoburne Park (this is likely to run out very fast though – and incurs a charge for using it)

Please feel free to contact me, ASAP (but definitely before 25th January), if you wish to confirm an outstanding balance or simply wish to query whether payment has been received.

* If a claim for DM discounts has been made on the booking form, then these must also be presented upon arrival, failure to do so will require payment in cash equal to the discount claimed.

2. If you are travelling in separate groups (or planning to arrive on different days), then BEFORE setting out:

a. Check with the person who booked the accommodation, whether they have paid yet.
b. If not, arrange for the first person to arrive to be able to pay, as keys will not be released until payment has been made.
c. Ensure you have contact numbers for ALL others in your group.

3. If we have not received a booking form from you, we will request one be produced/completed upon arrival.

If you have sent a cheque and/or booking form, but not received confirmation or if you have any doubts whether payment/booking forms have arrived then PLEASE feel free to contact me BEFORE 25th January.

3. All cheques received up until 4 January 2016 have been handed over for banking.

Please DO NOT send any more cheques. There will not be sufficient time for them to clear before the event and will not be banked. All outstanding payments now need to be made in CASH upon arrival.


(There is a £10 deposit which covers 2 sets of keys)

ARRIVING WEDS: Keys will be available for collection from 10am – 11pm at NAISH from MEADOW LODGE 1.

There will be a sign-posted route to follow when you arrive by car. Please do NOT park any longer than necessary in the adjacent access road. There is limited space in the Main Car-Park should you need to wait for any length of time. Once you have your keys, please park in the nearest cark park to your accommodation.

It is HIGHLY ADVISABLE to Arrive before 11pm, If you are delayed and arrive AFTER 11pm contact Site Security (07874 672053)* NAISH Reception: 01425 273586* (this closes at 6pm and re-opens at 8.30am).

* Also use these numbers for ALL issues relating to maintenance, light, heat etc at NAISH: out of office hours, contact security.

ARRIVING THURS-SAT: Keys must be collected at HOBURNE PARK from our GAMES DESK.

DEPARTURES: NB: ALL accommodation must be vacated BEFORE 10am Monday.

Departing BEFORE 4pm Sunday. Return keys to the GAMES DESK at HOBURNE PARK.

Departing between 4pm*-11.30pm Sunday or 7am-10am Monday. Return keys to MEADOW LODGE 1 at NAISH.

* May be a slight delay due to the person responsible having to travel between sites. 😉

Thank you for taking time to read this information. Your support, understanding and flexibility will be greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing you at the event!