Reminder: Booking Forms & Deposits

Many thanks to all those who have sent booking forms and cheques (either a deposit or payment in full).

The agreed time for receipt of booking forms/deposits is/was three weeks from making the reservation. Due to personal circumstances I’ve let this slide quite a bit.

However… I’m now bored and will start checking who has been naughty and nice!

Please be aware that I am now reviewing reservations and will be sending reminders via e-mail. I would appreciate a prompt response.

On-site Accommodation Now Fully Booked

The title says it all.

Quite a ridiculous amount of e-mails all arriving at exactly the same time.

For all those who didn’t get want they want. I’m sorry.

We do have the same off-site accommodation available at very reasonable rates.

There are other accommodation options available in the area so should you wish to make your own accommodation arrangements you are welcome to do so.

Weather Watch 2014

There is a large band of rain coming from the Atlantic over the weekend and it continues into the beginning of the event week. The ground down here is already saturated so chances are we will have significant flooding.

As listed on a previous thread this will mainly effect the Christchurch/Bournemouth side of the event and more than likely the route down (A338) from Salisbury in the Fordingbridge area. M3 / M27 route should remain clear but advise leaving at Cadnam/Lyndhurst and coming along the A35 toward Christchurch rather than continuing on the A31 via Ringwood to Picket Post.

As for the trains we have had flooding on the track and fallen trees where the embankments can’t support them anymore due the water. Replacement busses are usually put on :o

As for the site itself, be advised walking over the meadow between lodges will be wet and slippy. So waterproof footwear with good tread is advisable or stick to the paths.

We will update with any road closures around Sunday evening/Monday morning so check back.

Pathfinder games at Conception 2014

The Pathfinder Society have a bunch of enthusiastic GMs planning to run over 140 Pathfinder games slots and they are trying to cover lots of old favourites as well as every adventure released so far, for the current “Year of the Demon”. A list follows and they’ll have adventure synopses on the sign-up sheets.

From Season 5. Year of the Demon

5–01: The Glass River Rescue
5–02: The Wardstone Patrol
5–03: The Hellknight’s Feast
5–04: The Stolen Heir
5–05: The Elven Entanglement
5–06: You Have What You Hold
5–07: Port Godless
5–08: The Confirmation
5–09: The Traitor’s Lodge
5–10: Where Mammoths Dare Not Tread
5–11: Library of the Lion

From Season 4. Year of the Risen Rune

4–03: The Golemworks Incident
4–06: The Green Market
4–07: Severing Ties
4–11: The Disappeared
4–13: Fortress of the Nail
4–26: The Waking Rune

From Season 3

3-07: Echoes of the Overwatched
3-16: The Midnight Mauler
3-18: The God’s Market Gamble
3-21: The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment

From Season 2

2-11: The Penumbral Accords
2-12: Below the Silver Tarn
2-13: Murder on the Throaty Mermaid
2-15: Shades of Ice—Part I: Written in Blood
2-16: The Flesh Collector
2-17: Shades of Ice—Part II: Exiles of Winter
2-18: The Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor
2-25: You Only Die Twice

From Season 0

5: Mists of Mwangi
6: Black Waters
13: The Prince of Augustana
27: Our Lady of Silver

Modules (some are multi game slots)

The Dragon’s Demand
Fangwood Keep
Thornkeep II
Carrion Hill
Master of the Fallen Fortress
Murder’s Mark
We Be Goblins!
Feast of Ravenmoor
We Be Goblins Too!


Kid’s Track for under 13s