On-Site WiFi

There have been changes to how WiFi works on site as detailed below:

  1. There is free WiFi in the club house.
  2. Paid WiFi plans now allow up to 3 devices
  3. First 15 minutes of usage outside clubhouse (i.e. in accommodation) is free
  4. Rates as follows:
    • 1 Day: £5
    • 3 Days: £8
    • 4 Days: £10
    • 1 Week: £15

New Attendee Orientation

Hello Conceptionites,

I will be holding a fairly informal orientation for people on Wednesday at 1300hrs. Questions can be asked and I’ll run through how Conception works. Meet in the main entrance (Muster hall) and I’ll endeavour to explain things. Post here if you’re thinking of coming and I’ll look out for you.

If you would like this but can’t make the day/time, come find me behind the convention desk and I’ll happily recap for you.


LARPs Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to a clash with a massive weekender, we have so little interest in the LARPs this time around that after discussion with the GMs we have no real choice but to pull all the games. Apologies to those who were looking forward to playing.