Important Announcement: Conception 2016

On the 8th October, we (the conception committee) were contacted by Hoburne Holidays by telephone regarding our event.

We were informed that they would have to cancel our event booking entirely due to major building works in the club house.

After frantic discussion, they later stated that they would explore options to allow the event to continue, albeit with a change of venue.

They arranged a meeting the following Monday to discuss our options and clearly explain the situation.

Needless, to say, we were initially left in a state of stunned disbelief after receiving this news. Fellow committee members were informed almost immediately, but we felt unable to make any formal announcement before the aftermath of the meeting with Hoburne Holidays, scheduled for the following week. We also wanted a written declaration from them stating the reason for the cancellation and what means of redress were available.

The meeting went ahead as planned but unfortunately we have still yet to receive an official statement from their Head Office which we hoped would confirm the following details covered in the meeting and reassure those affected.

Basically, we were told that this was a relatively recent company-wide decision, made to engage in a major modernisation and renovation programme on the main club-houses during the Winter season (including Hoburne Naish). These works are optimistically predicted to complete late February-early March at the earliest. The exception was at Hoburne Park, which had already undergone similar works.

The works would therefore unlikely be completed in time for us to hold the event without serious disruption to both our activities and the travelling/holiday arrangements of our attendees.

Other similar bookings during that period have simply been cancelled.

However, it was suggested that we have exclusive use of Hoburne Park, to host the event, whilst retaining the accommodation at Hoburne Naish, both of which will remain unaffected by the building work.

They have verbally offered to provide free transportation between the two parks, which is, normally, about 10-15 minutes by car. The exact details of this are yet to be finalised or confirmed, though it has been suggested that a coach service to cover the mornings between 8.00 am till 9.00, last thing at midnight and a continuous mini-bus “shuttle service” for the remainder of the event.

Several members of the committee have made site visits to Hoburne Park and are confident that it does have sufficient capacity to host our normal gaming activities.

We also have been promised additional staff from two local parks affected by the building work including some Hoburne Naish staff that have considerable experience of our activities and expectations. This allows for higher staffing levels providing food and at the bar. There will also be waiter/ess service direct to the gaming tables should you wish it.

We understand many serious concerns may be raised about this news, but would ask you bear with us while we try and finalise details.

Our hope is that, although we know that there will undoubtedly be some disruption, particularly with transport between the two sites, we can work with our devoted volunteers, valued GMs and steadfast attendees during this event to minimise disruption to a point where the event can still be as successful as previous years. There is adequate parking for those who wish to make their own way between sites, though we hope that the transportation coverage supplied will make this unnecessary.

Of course, should you wish to cancel your accommodation reservation we understand perfectly and will endeavour to refund payments as soon as possible.
If you wish to cancel, please do so before December 2015, this enables us to offer your reservation to others on the waiting list. In such cases, we will make a full repayment.

We, the committee, apologise for the situation forced upon us all.

First Bunch of Confirmations Complete and Reminder!

Hi All,

Many thanks for the patience shown to me of late.
Due to personal circumstances I’ve been a bit tardy in the confirmation of receipt of booking forms and banking of cheques received.

I’ve now ploughed my way all they way to the bottom of the very large stack of post/cheques I’ve received, so far, up to the four I received this morning.
(And somehow my figures balanced first time! :) )

You should all now have received confirmation of receipt…
unless, somehow I’ve forgotten/missed e-mailing you back, the e-mail I sent went astray.. or… I haven’t received it ( either because the dog ate the postman.. or that someone else has forgotten to send it! 😉 )

Just a reminder. I’m expecting booking forms and (at least) a deposit cheque for ALL reservations by the end of AUGUST.

Mark your diaries

Accommodation bookings are a ways off but we have the dates for 2016…

27 – 31 January 2016

The organising team are debriefing following this years successful event and will then be taking a well-earned rest. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back before you know it with details of accommodation prices and then it’ll all begin again. See you in a few months…

Thanks from the Conception team

We hope that everyone has safely returned home following Conception 2015 and we would like to thank you all for coming. Whether you were down just for the day or for the whole event, each of you has contributed to a successful event. As you can imagine, the Conception team are taking a well earned rest for the next few days (at least ;)) but for those who couldn’t stay for the raffle, this year we added another £15,000 to the donation total (pushing us over £150,000 raised since we started!) This brilliant amount will be donated to the following charities:

  • £4,000 – Round Table Children’s Wish
  • £3,000 – Marfan Association
  • £3,000 – Life Education Wessex
  • £3,000 – Christchurch Life Saving Club
  • £1,000 – Hoburne Naish nominated charity 2015
  • £500 – Highcliffe Rotary Club
  • £500 – New Milton Round Table

Once again, thank you all. We hope to post more information (including dates for next year’s event) in due course.